Disturbing Allegations Arise in Otsego Co. Child Sex Crimes Case

A Johannesburg man has been arrested and is accused of sexually assaulting a child, and producing child pornography.

State police arrested Chad Bock last week on multiple charges including first degree criminal sexual conduct and producing and possessing child pornography.

Police say their investigation began when Chad Bock and his wife went to the  Gaylord state police post after being confronted with sexual assault allegations.

“There had been allegations made against him and they wanted them looked into,” Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll, said.

“They came to the post to see if there was any truth to the matter and if there’s anything we can do to investigate the matter,” Lt. Carroll, said.

It was an allegation made by a 4 year old girl to members of her family.

This criminal complaint filed in Otsego County Court says that Bock performed sexual acts on her multiple times.

“Once we heard the accusations we interviewed the suspect, more than once. He gave consent to search his phone and computers at home,” Lt. Carroll, added.

That’s where investigators say they found a catalog of child pornography.

“There were approximately 580 images I was told and two videos that were recovered from his phone. They were of very very young children,” Lt. Carroll, added.

They took Bock into custody on those charges.

“Once we had the evidence on the phone that was enough to seek the charges for child pornography, and the next day we had the charges for the actual sexual assault.

Lt. Derrick Carroll says if there’s anyone who’s child has come in contact with Bock to call the Gaylord post.

“We don’t know the extent of his contact with other people, so if anyone recognizes him or feel they may be a victim of this person they can reach out and contact us,” Lt. Carroll, added.

Bock is being held on a $1 million bond.

He is due back in court next month.