TC Trivia: Traverse City’s Newest Summer Festival and More

Traverse City is a proud home and destination for many in Northern Michigan—but do we know it as well as we think?

Traverse City’s Jenny Jenness is back with another round of Traverse City trivia to keep us sharp.

Q: The month of May is officially what..?

A. Mothers’ Month

B. Michigan Wine Month

C. Bike Month

Answer: B&C, it’s Michigan Wine Month, and there’s deals to be had!

We call it Traverse City Uncorked, and that means savings while you’re enjoying wine tastings, dinners and a night or two away from home.

And yes, it’s also National Bike Month!

You can kick off the cycling season with the Spring Bling Ride with Norte in Traverse City.

People ride across town with the most spring-and-bling themed costumes they can can find. It starts at 6 p.m. at Hull Park and ends at Little Fleet downtown.

Q: Traverse City’s newest summer festival is called “Paint Grand Traverse, a Plein Air Affair.”

What is plein air painting?

A. Painting outdoors

B. Painting with air-based paints

C. Painting something plain

Answer: A, painting outdoors!

The festival takes place August 13 to 18, and what better place for artists to draw inspiration than Traverse City?

There are lots of events for inexperienced artists, too.

Q: And since we now know that May is National Bike Month, which of these events is quickly approaching?

A. Tour de Traverse

B. Mud Sweat & Beer

C. Shanty 2 Short’s

Answer: B, Mud Sweat & Beers is a fat-tire festival and mountain bike race that takes place on May 5 at Mount Holiday in Traverse City.

Tour de Traverse is a made-up event. Tour de TART Trails is a bicycle tour that takes place in June.

Shanty 2 Short’s, while indeed taking place May 12, is a foot race.

But that’s a fun one, too, and starts at Shanty Creek Resorts ending at Short’s Brewpub in Bellaire.

For more events in Traverse City, check out the city’s website here.

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