Morgue Authority in Big Rapids Looks to Begin Search for Forensic Pathologist

The West Michigan Forensic Pathology Services Authority in Big Rapids is preparing to begin their search for a forensic pathologist to avoid sending bodies somewhere else for work they could do here in Northern Michigan.

“All counties I think, or at least anyone I’ve talked to is seeing an increase in the number of deaths that they’ve had and autopsies are going up,” Paul Bullock, Mecosta County Controller Administrator.

As the number of death investigations increase the need for a local forensic pathologist becomes clearer at the West Michigan Forensic Pathology Services Authority.

“Over the last couple of years in Mecosta County we have seen a slight increase in deaths from opioids and various different over the counter medications,” Tim Ladd, Mecosta County EMS director.

This hire would save local agencies money by providing full service at the morgue in Big Rapids.

“When you talk about the total service were talking about autopsies were talking about transporting bodies sometimes great distances to have an autopsy performed,” says Bullock.

With only 500 forensic pathologists in the entire country, Morgue Authority is looking into funding in hopes of bringing one here.

“The biggest reason why it’s so important is just the level of service we can provide locally to the citizens residents and visitors that come into Mecosta County and those surrounding areas,” says Ladd.

“Without a forensics pathologist operating out of this location the facility that you see behind me is essentially just a neat collection of hardware,” says Bullock.

The Morgue Authority hopes to begin their search for a forensic pathologist as soon as possible.