Activist Group Hosts Line 5 Retirement Party At City Opera House in Traverse City

The sounds of a retirement party took place at the City Opera House in Traverse City Monday night.

And it’s not just any retirement party, but one held for the controversial Line 5 Pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac.

Hosted by “Oil and Water Don’t Mix,’ this event was meant to spread awareness on the pipeline through speakers, videos and musical acts.

This was one of more than 30 retirement events held in the state and across North America.

Activists say it came at a crucial time in the fight to remove Line 5.

“It’s absolutely a critical point in time, the risk has been made very clear. Really the other thing that is happening is we have an election going on so we know we have candidates that are paying attention and its time that we the people are talking to the to our candidates about this issue,” says program director for the Groundwork Center, Jim Lively.

It follows what Michigan’s AG has said was observable damage to Line 5, caused by an anchor strike.