Traverse City Commissioners Approve $1 Million Sidewalk Project

“Instead of making it a decade long process of repairing all of our sidewalks, it’s actually a two year process,” said Traverse City commissioner Brian Haas.

Traverse City sidewalks will now be getting some much-needed repairs.

Monday night, city commissioners approved a huge sum of money, to fix many sidewalks throughout the city that have been in need of repairs for years.

Three miles of Traverse City sidewalks have been rated either in poor or very poor condition.

“There’s been a lot of deferred maintenance, decades really, there’s been some stops and starts on funding this,” said Haas.

Haas says because they are so far behind, they approved a nearly $1 million loan from their economic development fund.

“The economic development fund will be repaid within the next year, as we issue bonds to cover other projects in the city, this will be rolled into that,” explained Haas. “This is a good first step, it’s not perfect, we’re not going to get all of it but it really moves us a pretty big step forward I think.”

We spoke to those living near some of the worst spots AND many say this is something they have just had to deal with for years.

“I raised my kids here and so when they were little and learning to ride bikes and learning to scooter, they’ve gotten to know which sidewalks are the dangerous ones and they had to learn the hard way how to get over the bumps and cracks,” said Shannon Olshove.

“There is a couple that have broken up substantially; a good trip or a good ankle twister” said Bernard Thompson. “Overall they need some love.”

Construction is scheduled to start this spring and they plan to have it all completed by the end of next year.