Local Restaurants, Caterers Cook Up Specialty Foods at Taste of Osceola Event

The seventh annual Taste of Osceola is underway at the Osceola Fairgrounds in Evart.

The event features eleven of Osceola County’s restaurants and caterers all in one place, cooking up a plethora of specialty foods.

We talked with Eric Woods, the guest services director at Eagle Village, about what he hopes the community takes away from an event like this.

“Our hope is that people will come out and really get a chance to taste and experience some of the best food in Osceola County, realize what great options are right there for them in their own backyard, right close to home,” said Woods. “And we will be looking for lots of people to come out get a chance to see those vendors, get to eat some great food and connect with other people in the community.”

All proceeds from this event go to the Osceola Commission on Aging.