People In Benzie County Struggle Driving On Back Roads

Many back roads are still seeing lots of snow and slush.

“It has not been very easy at all. I am constantly sliding,” says Samantha Leahy, lives on back road.

A glimpse of back roads near Benzonia, snow covered and with a slushy build up.

“The slush is horrible, you keep sliding. Today and yesterday we’re the worst days out of the whole winter because you kept fish tailing. I can’t even stay straight, so I don’t want to drive,” says Leahy.

Samantha Leahy lives on a back road.

She says it’s been horrible without four wheel drive.

“It took us quite a few tries to get in the driveway. My van is not four wheel drive, we need something that’s four wheel drive for the weather. My van is front wheel drive, so it helps a little bit but if you don’t have front wheel or four wheel drive you’re not going to get through it,” says Leahy.

Slush has also been tough for drivers, especially when it comes to hills.

“The roads were not plowed at five this morning. When I was with him, we got up the hill but when he was by himself, he didn’t make it up the hill, so he went down Walker Road and had to get a running start and went up,” says Melissa Hoffman, lives on back road.

While most living on back roads are avoiding driving, those who have to, are taking all the precautions they can.

“We make sure the kids are quiet, so I can pay attention. I normally drive 40 miles per hour. I keep blankets and stuff in the car because if we do go off the road, we have kids,” says Leahy.

Hoffman added, “It shouldn’t be like this, but I mean we live in Northern Michigan.”