Elmira Residents Face 17 Inches Of Snow In April

The snow totals have been different throughout Northern Michigan, but we sent a crew to one of the places that got hit the hardest.

Some people in Elmira have seen up to 17 inches of snow, making roads slippery and messy.

While some people have been out enjoying it, others couldn’t even leave their house.

“A lot of people can’t get out of their driveways,” said Sinde Vermeulen.

“I went to bed last night at midnight with two inches of snow and I woke up with this,” said Rex Drummond.

Waking up to 17 inches of snow wasn’t what some people expected in the middle of April, but many were out taking advantage it.

“Just catching the weather, you know,” said Drummond. “Right here, I’m stuck on a snow bank currently waiting to get picked up because my sled decided to break today.”

He even called today one of the best riding days of the year.

“Trust me yeah, keep it coming, it doesn’t bother me at all, I like it,” said Drummond.

Others spent the day just trying to keep up with the snowfall.

“I’m trying to get the snow off the front porch for my customers so they don’t slip to keep the store open for the people who really need something today and they don’t want to drive 20 minutes to get it,” said Vermeulen. “I live right behind the store, I just walked over here but honestly the snow was up to here; I’ve never had to walk through such deep snow to get here.”

Vermeulen is hopeful this weekend will be the last snowfall of the season.

“Spring would be nice now,” said Vermeulen. “Yeah I’m ready, as soon as this is gone I’m hoping for some heat.”

Crews were also out all day trying to keep up with the snow and prepare for the next storm.