Consumers Energy Works To Restore Power to Thousands In Northern Michigan

Many people throughout the state of Michigan are without power, and Consumers Energy is working around the clock to get it restored.

They’ve called in extra help for the thousands of people they service that are without it.

The company tells us they started preparing for the storm on Thursday.

Many people in Bellaire woke up Saturday morning with no power.

The power is back on now but as you walk downtown, you still might see several “closed” signs.

“I went looking for some place open and nothing was,” said Alice Waltrous. “There was a man in front of the grocery store and I said ‘are you open?’ and he said ‘no’ and I said ‘is anyone?’ and he said ‘no”.

Bellaire was quiet Saturday morning as people waited patiently for their power to come back on.

Consumers Energy tells us they had a 46 KV distribution line go down.

“When I first woke up, for about ten minutes I had power,” said Russ Waltrous.

“It didn’t really get cold because we could light the burners on the stove so it got down to about 67 it wasn’t that bad,” said Alice. “Put on a sweater.”

Consumers Energy wants to remind everyone that if their power is out and they’re not on the outage map, to give them a call to make sure it gets reported.

“Everyone available is out and working through the storm right now and we did call in additional mutual aid through the Great Lakes mutual aids assistance,” said community affairs manager Doug DeYoung.

If you see a downed power line, stay at least 25 feet away and report it immediately.

“It really is safety first,” said DeYoung. “We really want our customers to be safe, as well as our employees who are out working in these conditions.”

Consumers Energy says they are watching and preparing for the next wave of storms to come through.

Right now, they plan to have everyone’s power completely restored by 11 p.m. on Sunday.