People in Tip of the Mitt Spend Time Outdoors Before Weekend Storm

The Tip of the Mitt will be one of the places hit hardest by the incoming storm.

As the conditions can change rapidly, widespread power outages are expected and emergency managers want everyone to be ready.

“As of right now we’ve been pushing for the preparedness of the individuals,” says Jason Lee of Tri County Office of Emergency Management.

Lee says people should be prepared for any weather that may come.

“Preparation is it, make sure you got plenty of food water, in the event that if power goes out it could be a while, make sure you got communication with your family,” he said.

Friday in Petoskey, many spent the day outside, preparing to be inside for another weekend.

“I figured I try and get a last minute bike ride in before the weather closes in, so hopefully I’ll make it,” Michael Labdie said.

Labdie peddled his way from Boyne City

“Other than just having enough food and warmth just gonna ride it out, it’s going to be only two or three days. It’s gotta get warmer sooner or later. I don’t want to see any more snow, I heard two feet maybe and that seems like an awful lot of snow for April 12, the rain would be alright, we could use the rain, but no more snow,” he said.

It was in the calm before the storm that Cole Cherette caught these rainbow trout.

He’s not doing anything differently because of the storm…but might adjust when it comes.

“It’s kind of unexpected, you know just gotta roll with the punches I guess just one of those things with living in Northern Michigan you don’t know if its gonna snow one day, or be beautiful the next,” Cherette said.

One thing to note, if you lose power officials say please do not call 911, contact your utility company.

Only call 911 if there’s an emergency.