Wellness for the Family: National Gardening Month

April is National Gardening Month!

It’s still a little early to be planting anything outside, but it’s not too early to be thinking about what you want to do and start things inside.

Grace Derocha, a registered dietitian with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, shares some indoor gardening tips with us. 

It’s always nice to have some herbs inside the house if you have a nice windowsill with a little bit of sun, and you can keep it all year long! So even though we are celebrating National Gardening Month in April, garden in December if you want, as long as it’s inside.

The beauty with that is that you can use it to help cook everyday lots of natural herbs.

Try some basil, some mint and some parsley.

If it is getting nicer out and you want to bring these outside, parsley grows kind of like a weed so this might take up your whole windowsill, but you can take it outside.

If you were going to start this at home, you can use any small container, put your dirt in it, a little fertilizer and then pick what seeds you want and help it grow.

Kids love to do this. It’s super fun, especially during spring when things are growing. It also helps reduce stress.

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