Mecosta, Osceola Counties Introduce Smart911

“People have an expectation that 911 gets all of their information when you call, we don’t.”

Back when we had landline phones, dispatchers used to see important information when we called 911.

But when you now call from a cell phone, all they know is your number.

That’s why Mecosta and Osceola counties have introduced Smart 911.

To use Smart911, go online and enter information you want dispatchers to know, your name, address and people to contact in case of an emergency.

Then when you call 911, dispatchers will be able to see that information instantly.

Signing up for Smart911 also lets dispatchers send you text messages, which are helpful if you can’t talk or if you accidentally hang up.

“By having this app now pop up and give us everything that you’ve plugged into it, now we have access to things that might save your life or save us time getting you help,” says director Laurie Smalla.

Smart911 is also available across all of Michigan and in 46 other states, so no matter where you are, your info will be available to dispatchers.