Isabella County Deputies Arrest Man Accused of Looking at Child Pornography Inside Walmart

A man is behind bars after deputies say he looked at child pornography inside the Mount Pleasant Walmart.

The sheriff says Timothy Powers used demo computers inside the story to access the images on a number of websites.

Powers is also a registered sex offender.

Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main says employees at the Mount Pleasant Walmart noticed Timothy Powers on their demo computers for long periods of time over several days. When employees and investigators checked the browsing history, they found multiple child pornography websites.

“There’s a lot of things with this case that are just awful. It’s not like somebody was just sitting in the basement in their home looking up images, this was in a public setting where people walked by, where kids walked by,” said Main.

The sheriff says powers likely used the store’s Wi-Fi to look at the images the computers.

Powers is now charged with using a computer to commit a crime and having child pornography.

“That’s what is disturbing is it wasn’t just a quick here or there, nobody is going to pay attention to it, or stop me I’m going to do it. Whether he closed down the browser when someone walked by or not, we’re still trying to figure all that out,” said Main.

Walmart issued a statement saying in part they have controls in place to prevent this from happening and are looking into how it happened.

Shoppers say, it was disgusting to learn about.

“I guess it’s not super surprising considering that sort of thing does happen, but kind of disturbed they wouldn’t have any kind of blocks or anything to prevent something like that,” said shopper Bradley Davis.

Sheriff Main say’s they’re currently looking to see if this happened at any other stores.

Powers is being held on a $50,000 bond.