Midland Officer Cleared of Any Charges Related to Shooting

We have an update on a deadly officer-involved shooting in Midland.

The county prosecuting attorney’s office has cleared a Midland police officer of any charges related to the incident.

It all started in March when officers with the Midland Police Department noticed two teens breaking into cars.

When they tried to confront the teens, they took off.

One officer was able to catch up to one of the suspects while another officer went after the other suspect, now identified as Jaden Marsh.

That’s when police say Marsh took out a stolen gun and fired at the officer.

An initial police report said the officer fired back, hitting and killing Marsh, but the final investigation shows that while the officer did fire back, Marsh actually shot and killed himself.

That officer was cleared of any related charges after the prosecutor’s office determined his use of potentially deadly force was justified.