Dozens Walk Up And Down Downtown Traverse City For Take Back The Night

Students and community members marching up and down Traverse City streets, all to take a stand against sexual assault.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month and Tuesday, Northwestern Michigan Colleges’ “student life and voices” hosted their third annual Take Back the Night event with a walk and speak out.

“I have a voice, my voice can be strong and it can be used for good to help other people,” says Jordyn Marsh, survivor.

Dozens walking up and down the streets of Traverse City holding signs and chanting. All to shed light on sexual assault.

“We have seen that sexual violence and domestic violence are at the fore front of today’s world so we need to start making conversations like that normal,” says Marsh.

Hannah Carson, a NMC student walking Tuesday added, getting out walking, going down town in parts of the city and getting people looking from the road to our signs and stuff like that, we had people honking which is showing support and it was really nice to get the energy up and walking out there.”

The marchers made their way back to the Hagerty Center for a rally where everyone got the chance for conversations and support. But most importantly, speak out.

“I was drugged and I was raped by someone that I know. We need to make sure that survivors are being supported and that they are being believed and that we are having a culture that is not blaming them that is actually going to lift them up when they are down,” says Marsh.

Those taking a stand say this is something very important especially in light of national events.

“Within the past few months I think we have been having more people, men and women a like stepping forward and sharing their stories and I feel like everyone needs to be more comfortable with not being afraid to come forward,” says Marsh.