Women’s Self-Defense Class in Traverse City Teaches Personal Survival Skills

The American Taekwondo Association Martial Arts in Traverse City is hosting a class to make you feel safe in your surroundings.

A women’s self-defense course is taking place tonight at six!

Self-defense is an essential tool to have and ATA Martial Arts in Traverse City is getting you ready.

“Everybody has a possibility of being attacked,” Chris Pline, Owner of ATA Martial Arts in Traverse City.

Chris knows the importance of a women’s self-defense seminar and he welcomes anyone to the class tonight.

“It’s important the community knows how to defend themselves in case anything happens,” Pline says.

Amanda Corwin is a member of the gym and has done multiple self-defense courses here.

“It’s one of my favorites because some women feel intimidated to do a class with a man so with the women’s self-defense you get a chance to just go against people you might feel comfortable with first,” says Corwin.

They run through real life scenarios at this class with one of them being a hostage situation.

“I feel more confident walking to my car and I know the proper way to present myself in public as well,” Kelly Bator, gym member.

Learning the techniques and skills of personal survival to avoid being a victim.

“I never walked the streets feeling like something was going happen but now I definitely don’t I just walk around with self-awareness and a feeling like don’t mess with me,” Kelly Watrous, gym member.

“You never know when somethings going to happen. It’s better to have taken a course and have something in your back pocket that you can use that hopefully you’ll never have to use versus getting into a situation and freeze and not know what to do,” says Watrous.

For more information on this course head to the ATA Martial Arts website for the registration link!

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