What’s Trending Wednesday: Snow Day Activities

Many schools are closed today in Northern Michigan. That means hundreds of students are sitting at home bored.

For this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday, we have some fun winter activities planned for you.

Try out snow painting!

Fill a squeeze bottle with water and your choice of food coloring.

Of course, the more bottles you have, the more paint colors you can create.

If you decide to create different colors with your food colorings, you can even use that moment to teach about mixing colors.

Once you have your bottles ready, head outside and find your inner-artist.


Michael Stevens says the snow outside is great packing snow.

So why not build a snow fort!

There are many different ways to build a fort, so have your child get creative and build away.


Or you can make a snow volcano.

Pack snow tightly in a volcano shape around a cup, with the open end up.

Then pour baking soda and red, orange or yellow food coloring inside the cup, to make the volcano erupt.

Pour vinegar into the cup and take a step back to enjoy watching it explode.


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