District Health Department #10 Honoring National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week focuses on increasing awareness about the services health departments provide to better their communities.

They focus on eight different areas — ranging from immunizations to food protection, to private ground water safety — and hearing screenings.

A recent concern for health departments nation-wide, but especially right here in Northern Michigan, is Hepatitis A.

“We are at 797 cases as of last week so right now the state of Michigan is experiencing 8-10 times the normal amount,” said Dr. Jennifer Morse, a doctor at District Health Department #10.

Another recent concern is bats.

Doreen Byrne, the communicable disease coordinator, says if anyone encounters a bat in their home, they should contact the health department.

The health department will test it at no charge.

For more services District Health Department #10 provides, click here.


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