City of Cadillac Passes Mandatory Registry for Fire Protection

The city of Cadillac is putting more protections in place, which it hopes will reduce the likelihood of a major fire.

The city council voted 3-to-2 to create a mandatory registry for fire protection system contractors.

Under this new registry, contractors who do work on businesses’ fire suppression systems have to be registered with the city fire department.

If they’re not registered, they could face penalties and fines under the new ordinance.

Those in favor of the decision say it provides developers with the information they need to hire reliable contractors.

But some city council members feel this is over-stepping state laws already in place.

“My biggest concern is that we don’t enact laws that duplicate laws that are already in place. These companies are already certified by the state of Michigan and there are already state laws in place to monitor their activities,” says council member Stephen King.

Councilman King also noted he felt it added another layer of bureaucracy to already existing laws.