Stuffed Animal Donation Brings Bravery To Children in the Hospital

Elementary students are working to help kids who are in the hospital by donating stuffed animals to comfort them during their treatments.

The big project started with a little girl from Midland.

These stuffed animals are being given to kids at the Mid-Michigan Medical Center in Midland giving them a sense of home and a little bravery.

Walking through the hospital doors can be a scary feeling, especially for a young child like Claire Graham.

“Well I got shots and I was so scared they gave me a stuffed animal to make me feel better because those shots hurt,” Claire Graham, previous patient.

Claire entered the emergency room severely dehydrated after the flu and terrified.

But the doctors put her at ease with her new forever friend.

“He has a cute little nose see that cute little dot right there that’s his cute little nose,” says Graham when describing her snuggly friend.

The hospital’s donation to Claire prompted Michele’s Montessori School in Midland to begin a stuffed animal donation drive.

“We decided after Claire came back and talked non-stop about her animal we thought that would be a really good thing to do,” Michele Parker, owner of Michele’s Montessori School.

“Some children are in the emergency room for several hours and they feel secure holding onto something,” says Parker.

They’re calming nerves and making treatment a little easier.

“You have these children who are here and they are hurting in pain. If they’re sick if you can comfort them to some level it increases efficiency of care,” Victor Hosfeld Chief Physicist at Mid-Michigan Medical Center in Midland.

Children donating their stuffed animals to make another child’s hospital stay a little more comfortable.

“They feel scared and we don’t want to make them feel even more scared so we gave them away so other people can enjoy them too,” says Graham.

To brighten up a child’s day we have the head to the hospitals website!

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