Search Continues for Missing Manistee Man

This well-known business owner from Manistee — still missing tonight as his family and police continue looking for answers about where he might be.

Jim Anderson was last seen around 11 Thursday morning at Big Al’s Pizza in Manistee.

His family is now flooding social media with information — in hopes someone knows where he is.

Jim Anderson’s cousin told us his family continues to hope and pray Jim is okay and are looking for any sign that he’s alive and well.

“This is really odd for us because this is really out of character for Jim. Jim’s a family guy and this is really odd for him to disappear like this and not call anyone, leave his cell phone at home, he has six kids at home and everybody is really concerned for him,” said  Brad Kamalowski, Jim’s cousin.

That concern only growing over the past several days as the well-known Manistee business owner seemingly disappeared without a trace.

“Manistee is a small community, we’re all friends here, and so everyone stays pretty tight and that’s why it makes me believe he’s not around the area anymore or somebody would have seen him,” said Kamalowski.

Social media has become a key tool in the family’s efforts to find him.

‘I’m hoping it can get shared all over the country especially the state of Michigan. Facebook is a very powerful social media, a lot of people have seen it thousands upon thousands of shares, all the family has shared it, a lot of friends have shared it,” said Kamalowski.

People in the community are also hoping Jim returns home safely.

“Anxiety is pretty high with everyone around here because the family is very well known, and they’re very well liked on the area, and been in business for a very long time,” said Julie Patulski, a Manistee community member.

If you have any information, contact the Manistee Police Department at 231) 723-2533