Emmet County Drivers Face Messy Roads on Last Day of March

With high winds and wet snowfall, drivers near the tip of the mitt navigated some rough roads on Saturday.

“I was terribly disappointed, I was hoping to wake up today and see blue skies and sunshine, but it didn’t work out that way,” Kenneth Morgan said.

Emmet County woke up to dark skies and large flakes of snow.

While some navigated the rough roads, others chose to stay close to home.

“Going home and finding a warm spot. Hunting Easter eggs will be put on hold for a little so maybe we’ll just have to hunt inside this year,” Morgan added.

Wet pavement and low visibility was a common theme for most of US-31, up to the Mackinac Bridge, where a high wind warning was in effect throughout the day.

“We’re from Grand Rapids so it was 45 degrees there this morning, but we drove into this. It wasn’t too bad until we hit about Petoskey and it started snowing,” Rick Van Beek said.

Fort Michilimackinac is normally one of the best spots to view the Mighty Mac, but from there on Saturday, cars appeared to disappear into a dark fog.

Rick and Mary Van Beek stopped to take pictures and second guessed their trip to Luce County.

“We just bought some property in the UP and she hasn’t seen it yet and we were going to try and go up there and see it, but decided it was too risky to try and go across the bridge and try and make it back tonight,” Rick explained.

They’re going to wait a little longer to see their new place.

“This year it looks like it’s going to be the end of April, because there’s no thaw in sight now,” Rick added.

The good news is the Emmet County Road Commission is working through the night to maintain these roads.