Landing Dance Company In Cadillac Offering New Couples Classes

A new dance class in Cadillac could soon take over your Wednesday nights.

It started at the beginning of the year where the Northern Michiganders learned the southern country swing, and now they’re making their way to tango.

“Christmas came around and it was the perfect opportunity to do a fun little Christmas present for Xavier,” said Amy Eastway.

“I saw a flyer at the library for this,” said Ruth Deem.

Different ways they heard about it, but all coming to the landing dance academy in Cadillac for the same reason — to dance.

Mackenzie and her fiancé, Chandlar, teach the classes each week.

“I teach them an original combination with whatever genre we are doing that month,” said Mackenzie Larrance. “This past month was waltz so we went to gravity by John Mayer.”

“And I think my main role is to interpret what she’s saying you know this one was a very avid dancer knows all the lingo so I put it in layman’s terms,” said Chandlar Gabara. “I feel like that’s where my use comes in and it is helpful.”

Mackenzie has been dancing since she was three — her fiancé credits her for the dance skills he has now.

“I got a thing or two on my boogie shoes,” he said.

It’s a newer class.

They started in January where the participants came in once per week to learn country swing.

Each month is a new genre.

“I started with the country swing and I liked it so much I was like I am gonna try waltz so I wasn’t sure  it looked really hard  I came and it was great,” said Ruth.

“Next month we are doing tango that should be a lot of fun,” said Mackenzie.

“I am considering coming back for tango too,” said Ruth.

Classes are typically made up from up to 10 sets of partners.

“I was excited date night after having three kids exactly what we needed,” said Xavier Eastway.

“It’s good we need this little bit of excitement in the middle of the week,” said his wife, Amy.

“I am her little brother, we are siblings,” said Andy Deem.

“It’s really great being siblings doing it because then we can learn it and go home and practice it and be better next week when we come back,” said his big sister, Ruth.

Trying to escape their mind spinning at work — by spinning physically instead

“Trying to remember the steps but also flowing with the music enjoying being with each other doing something unique getting out of the house and workplace,” said Xavier.

“It’s a hoot because there’s no filter you don’t have to have a filter so for me it’s very relaxing and it’s the highlight of my week,” said Mackenzie.


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