Cadillac Elks Club Giving Back To Manton Boy Injured In Motel Fire

“It’s very important. Without it, I don’t know what we’d be doing.”

It was a devastating explosion and fire, with a boy who taking the brunt of it.

Now, a man is now doing everything he can to help the boy.

Brian Adams nearly died last May when police say his mother, Amanda Skardoudos, blew up a Manton motel while making drugs.

She was convicted of child abuse and arson and is spending at least 10 years in prison.

The community has rallied around Brian and his father, Robert, and one man is really pushing the effort to help Brian’s recovery.

The fire at the Green Mill Motel left Brian Adams with terrifying memories and even worse injuries.

When the outgoing leader of the Cadillac Elks Club heard about Brian’s struggle, it touched his heart.

He had to help.

“It immediately struck me that this young man was someone who the Elks might be able to help out,” says Andy Baker, outgoing Elks Exalted Ruler in Cadillac.

Baker the flames and heard about what they did to Brian.

He had to try to ease the burden.

“It’s impossible not to like him,” Baker says. “He’s taking Brian out of the area, out-of-state sometimes for these treatments, which are very, very involved.”

“It bars me from even being able to consider trying to find a job and then if I do find a job, with the medical appointments and things like this, as anyone knows, what employer is going to depend upon me like they need with any industry to continue to be able to work and be able to work with my medical schedule,” says Robert Adams, Brian’s father.

So, Baker did, with 100-percent support from the club.

“We have received a grant from the Michigan Major Projects for their expenses,” Baker says. “This is an emergency grant that helps defer costs for travel, for lodging, for the different things involved in Brian’s travels out to Boston down to Ann Arbor.”

That grant is worth $3,000.

In April with the club’s new fiscal year, Baker plans on applying for an identical grant.

That’s not all.

“Robert will be providing us with different receipts and things like that for his future trips but we’re not going to be counting pennies about stuff like that,” Baker says.

“God is good because even though there is a lot of community support and everything like that, at the end of the day, if it wasn’t for him than nothing of this would be happening,” Adams says.

Baker says anything to help a young boy keep just being a boy.

“Elks care. Elks share,” Baker says. “We like to share with kids as much as possible.”

As for Brian, he says thank you to everyone.

Robert also says one of Brian’s friends is planning a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Manton that will benefit the boy.

That will be on Saturday, May 12.