Cadillac Customers Dream Big For Mega Millions Jackpot

“I think it would be gigantic for anybody that would win it. Life-changing.”

Lots of people are wondering the same thing tonight…

If they had more than $500 million, what on earth would they do with it?

When you see how high the Mega Millions jackpot is right now, it’s easy to see why many want in.

It’s more than $520 million, enough to fuel the daydreams of everyone buying a ticket.

“I would walk down the street and hand everybody some money and then maybe I would go on a vacation,” says Donna Tommas of Cadillac.

What would you do with more than $500 million?

That’s a question we’re not sure we could answer, ourselves, so we asked others like Cheryl Milliron in Cadillac.

“First of all, I would make sure all of debts and my parents debts were paid off and get us a nicer home and some vehicles we can rely on,” Milliron says.

For Cheryl, that’s just a good start.

“Probably make some donations to some charities and live the rest of my life and there’s on what’s left,” Milliron says.

Donna Tommas says she would walk down the street, spreading the wealth.

“To look at the expressions on their face to hand somebody, a stranger, even 100 bucks to make their day,” Tommas says. “You never know what somebody’s going through at that time so 100 bucks could make a lot of difference.”

But for Donna, that much cash could make a bigger difference with her mother.

“The first thing I would do is I have a mother with advanced Altzheimer’s so I would give her the best care that $500 million would buy,” Tommas says.

With great fortune comes great risk.

Financial advisor Christopher Radu says there’s a way to be rich wrong — and right.

“There’s really only three calls you should make,” Radu says. “One of them is to your attorney. Another one of them is to your financial advisor and the other is to your accountant.”

As you might be easing into retirement, Radu says keep it low key.

“Try to stay anonymous,” Radu says. “The past is littered with people who have gone bankrupt after winning, regardless of what the dollar amount has been for various reasons, but mostly centers around people come asking for things as soon as they found that you won.”