Peninsula Township Fire Department Receives Millage Increase

A millage increase means the Peninsula Township Fire Department is now one step closer to providing better services to their community.

Board members unanimously approved an increase Thursday morning from 1.4 mils to 2 mils which will bring in an extra $460,000 for the department.

The money will be used for new equipment and staff.

Fire Chief Fred Gilstorff has been working to improve the department since he started in December.

“In order to provide the service to the people, we need the bodies and we need the equipment, that’s the key,” said Chief Gilstorff. “So the more people we can have on staff and ready to go when that call comes in and get out the door, the better the chances of us having a positive outcome for the resident having the emergency.”

Chief Gilstorff says they are actively looking for new hires now.

You can apply by calling the station at 231-223-4443 or emailing