A Step In The Right Direction: Active Steps At Betsie Hosick Fitness Center

Local diabetic and pre-diabetic people are seeing changes in their bodies and attitudes.

That’s thanks to the Bestie Hosick Health and Fitness Center through Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital.

They’ve created a class called Active Steps.

“A lot more sitting around trying to stay warm,” said Dustin Gleason, who participates in the class.

That’s how winter typically is.

Now he’s keeping warm — with exercise.

“Finding ways to stay active and actually move around and get exercise any way you can,” he said.

He joined the Active Steps program at the Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Betsie Hosick Health and Fitness Center.

It’s a class for patients who are diabetic, pre diabetic or on dialysis.

Athletic trainer Arthur Adkins has been teaching for about 5 months

“I see people of all ages coming from all different walks of life and they’re always seeing improvements…and to me that gives me purpose I’m like alright sweet,” Adkins said.

Arthur sees results in Dustin and Dustin already sees results in himself.

“A lot more flexibility and energy stuff like that,” Gleason said.

The class uses both weight training and cardio.

“It starts out so it’s at their level it’s not at a super high intensity and also because I‘m there I can bring the program to them instead of them reference a book,” he said.

“Some exercise s are really strenuous but a lot of the exercises are just doing the full motion,” he said.

Ultimately – Adkins hopes clients take what they’ve learned here, into the gym on their own time.

“They also feel more comfortable in the gym setting because they know how to use the equipment, how to do the exercises…this is my goal how I achieve that goal,” he said.

“After active steps I found it more beneficial to walk more and get out and enjoy everything around us,” Gleason proudfully admitted.

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