Reed City Apartment Fire: Still Under Investigation, Volunteer Departments Quick To Respond

“Reed City hasn’t had a fire this big. It was remarkable on how quick we handled it.”

A huge fire at an apartment complex was still under investigation Tuesday night while tenants continue to deal with upended lives in the aftermath.

The Reed City assistant fire chief says it took every fire fighter from several departments to put out the fire that threatened to consume a building filled with people Sunday morning.

He took Northern Michigan’s News Leader inside Tuesday to show us the damage.

Lonnie Graham, the assistant fire chief, says 20 to 25 fire fighters were able to contain the fire to the second floor within 45 minutes of their arrival on scene.

They were also able to keep the fire from spreading to other buildings and saved most of the belongings in first-floor apartments.

On top of that, they were not done fighting fires that day.

“During that fire, we actually had another possible structure fire in Chase Township that we covered,” Graham says. “It was just great that they got it out so fast. We just don’t see that kind of fire around this area.”

The assistant fire chief says the fire marshal used an investigation dog to look into the fire.

They know the area of origin but still not the cause.