Dog Missy Looks for Forever Family at Help From My Friends Pet Crisis Center

Missy is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees mix looking for a new forever family.

She is currently at the Help From My Friends Pet Crisis Center in Bellaire, and Director of Operations Jenna Minish says this sweet bundle of fluff is calm and sweet.

“She’s a really good couch decoration, patent pending,” Minish says.

This big 115 pound dog is also spayed and house trained.

When she came to the pet crisis center, she tested heartworm positive, but after treatment Minish says she has gotten a clean bill of health—twice.

“A good car ride and a walk in the woods and she’s a happy girl,” Minish says.

She is also happiest as the only pet in the house.

“Ideally, if she could not have to share your love with any other furry friend, that would be perfect.”

In addition to Missy, the pet crisis center also has 11 puppies born to their mom, Gloria, on March 12.

Anyone looking to adopt Missy or any of the 11 mixed-breed puppies can contact the shelter at 231-533-4070.


Mom, Gloria, with her 11 pups , all mixed breed, born on March 12.

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