Wexford County Frustration, Questions Rise Over Proposed Landfill Well At Public Hearing

The Cadillac High School auditorium was filled with questions and frustration, centered around plans to drill a well in a Manton-area landfill.

The Department of Environmental Quality received an application from American Waste to build a well in the old Wexford County Landfill, which would be used to move water contaminated by trash.

On Wednesday night, those living near the landfill asked the DEQ and EPA to address their concerns.

As the microphone went around the Cadillac High School auditorium, questions revolving around the proposed draft became clear: would the well harm the environment around it?

“If this is going to be pumped into our area? Never ever? What’s our guarantee?” asked one concerned Manton resident.

“I would live next to it,” responded a geologist from the EPA.

“Then you can buy my house.”

The primary fear: quality of drinking water.

“I’ve one’s property for 20 some years,” said another man. “My water wasn’t contaminated and I sure as hell don’t want it to be.”

More questions emerged, ranging from liability concerns to if this could be stopped, including from the director of Cadillac’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

As for American Waste, we reached out to them and they did not get back to us.

The EPA says these questions must be answered and reviewed before the next steps can be taken.

“It’s a central part of our process for considering an application for a permit,” Jann says. “We will put those together with the comments that we’ve received by letter or by email, evaluate all of them and then determine what the final decision on the permit application should be.”

The EPA also says as of now, nothing is final.

“This is a draft permit and a final decision has not been made and will not be made until we consider all of the comments that we get.”