All Michigan Counties to Receive More Money for Roads After Signing of Law

Bookended by two orange construction barrels, Governor Snyder signed a law that will help Michigan roads make the grade.

With the law being signed Tuesday, every county in the state will receive more money towards road budgets.

Including 420,000 in Wexford County.

Wexford County Road Commission manager Al Cooper says the extra funding will help more than just drivers.

Improving the roads in Wexford County, a lot of that money will go on to our primary system, so the people that are driving up here will enjoy the quality of our roads. It should also allow us to us some of that money to right into the local roads that need to be worked on. We should accomplish quite a bit. I don’t know how many miles yet, but we’ll determine that as soon as possible,” Cooper said.

Overall, this is a 7 percent increase in road spending over the fiscal budget.