Mess Spreads to Neighbors’ Lawns from Isabella County Recycling Center

“It needs to be cleaned up. What they need to do is either do it right or shut it down.”

A neighborhood is frustrated by the trash being blown into their yards from a growing mountain of refuse at a mid-Michigan recycling center.

Several neighbors of the Isabella County Recycling Center tell us they found a mess on their lawns.

It’s from the Isabella County Recycling Center.

Now crews from the facility are working to stay ahead of the mess on East River road in Mount Pleasant.

People living along the street near the recycling center say this isn’t the first time they’ve seen trash appear on their property.

One man, Tim Hauck, says he thinks a large pile of trash behind the facility is starting to get blown around into yards.

The recycling center’s director says all questions about the mound of recycled garbage have to go through the Isabella County administrator, Margaret McAvoy.

We have reached out to her and are still waiting for a response.

But as trash continues to show up in their yards, neighbors say enough is enough.

“It was a mess. They’ve been working diligently all day to pick the blowing around stuff up, but as you can see by the mountain of garbage they had, the wind is still blowing today and as soon as they are done, the wind picks up and they’ll be right back at it again,” Tim Hauck said.

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