Good Samaritans Rescue Dog From Icy Water at an Emmet County Ski Resort

Cell phone video captured the rescue effort after a dog fell through an icy pond at a Northern Michigan ski resort.

It happened Saturday evening at Boyne Highlands in Harbor Springs.

A small crowd of people gathered around the pond near the bottom of the ski hill.

The 15 minute rescue took a team effort and some quick thinking bystanders but both the dog and all the people involved are OK.

“They were walking along the shore of this pond behind me, and the dog noticed some geese out on the ice,” Boyne Highlands Resort GM Mike Chumbler, said.

The fittingly named “Archer” is a hunting dog.

A dog who couldn’t help himself when he saw some geese on the thin layer of ice.

“Obviously their first instinct is to run out there and that’s what it did,” Chumbler, added.

“It’s one of those things we always talk about that we can’t get away from our job,” DVM Bruce Francke, joked.

Two veterinarians and their families just happened to be up from Bay County for a weekend of skiing.

They ran out of the nearby restaurant and noticed little Archer in trouble.

“He was a good strong swimmer, he was doing good up until that point, but he started getting tired,” Dr. Francke, explained.

The animal docs and other bystanders used a kayak to try and break through the ice.

“They were doing a good job, the problem was the dog was closer to the far shore,” the veterinarian, added.

They ran around to the other side of the pond and told Archer’s owner to get on the kayak so they could push him closer.

“We started pushing the kayak out and all the sudden, I don’t know who the hot tub guy was but he comes blasting by, and he very bravely plunges in there and shoves the kayak out,” Dr. Francke, explained.

“Hot-tub guy” is the shirtless guy you can see in the video.

His name is George Stubbs and he lives in Ohio.

“We were already in a swim suit so that’s alright,” Stubbs, laughed.

George was hanging out in a hot tub when he caught wind of what was happening and sprinted towards the pond.

“I feel like it was a chaotic situation and everybody was trying to act in the most responsive way and that’s what happened, we got there, and got the job done, it wasn’t anything more than that really,” Stubbs, explained.

It was more than that, Stubbs braved the freezing water and pulled both the dog and his owner to safety.

He says he didn’t even feel the cold.

“The adrenaline was going pretty hard so I didn’t really feel it too much.

Cheers erupted, George, Archer and the owner made it back to shore safe and sound.