Family Video Campaign Donates Money to Lymphoma Research

Supporting cancer research can be as easy as renting a movie!

Local Family Video stores are teaming up to raise money for lymphoma research.

This is the sixth year in a row family video stores are hosting their “Round It Up For Lymphoma” fundraiser.

Coordinators tell us their goal is to help families battling lymphoma.

“This came like a bolt out of the blue,” Pat Kidder, lymphoma patient.

Pat Kidder’s entire focus changed when doctors diagnosed her with lymphoma last August.

“Your life just changes you’re looking at medical tests and waiting for test results and seeing the next medical person and it just becomes a cycle,” says Kidder.

A situation that she hopes other patients won’t have to go through.

“It’s not easy to find information on lymphoma you can go online and go crazy in a very short order there are a lot of unanswered questions and I can only think that research additional research would help to narrow some choices down that individual patients have to make,” says Kidder.

But research can’t happen without money.

That’s why those at Family Video hope to raise more than ever during their round up for lymphoma campaign.

“We started in 2012 and so far, over all those course of years, we’ve raised about $6.8 million and found 12 types of treatments for lymphoma cancer. Just this year alone we’ve raised almost $500,000 so that’s an achievement for itself,” Austin Sigler, Family Video employee.

All of the money goes straight to the Lymphoma Research Foundation and Lymphoma Biobank at the University of Chicago Medicine.

This will all be providing a base for vital research.

“We’re even looking at types of lymphoma where cure was not possible. Now with even multiple treatments were looking at achieving minimal disease and maybe ultimately cure,” William Scott, Physician and Medical Director.

Round It Up For Lymphoma is at every Family Video location until March twenty-fifth.

If interested in donating online, this is their link.


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