Traverse City High School Student Recognized for Teen Safe Driving Video

A Traverse City high school senior is getting recognition from the state for her message about teen driver safety.

Madison Hertel made a four minute long video as part of the “Strive for a Safer Drive” initiative.

It warns teens around the region about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.

Now, Hertel will head to Lansing Wednesday to be honored by the governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission.

While the message isn’t new, she says it’s different when it’s coming from one new driver to another.

“We kind of take for granted, I think, that we have these big, powerful machines that just take us from place to place, and we kind of forget sometimes that, like, it’s a very life threatening thing that we’re doing. So we have to be careful and I think messages, just in general, coming from teenagers to teenagers are usually a bit more effective,” explained Hertel.

You can check out Madison’s videos below!