Traverse City Hunting And Fishing Expo Draws More Than Sports Enthusiasts

This weekend, there is a room full with not just fishing and hunting needs, but with programs set at bringing all walks of life outdoors.

Saturday marked day two of the Traverse City Hunting and Fishing Expo.

The expo brings one of the biggest lineups of hunting and fishing exhibits to one place and fills the Traverse City Civic Center.

The booths aren’t just for sports enthusiasts.

This year, the expo showcases more than 70 exhibits, from boat dealerships, gun retailers and restaurants to the Michigan DNR.

The exhibits also include a group called “The Fallen Outdoors.”

Their goal: bring every veteran who wants to experience the thrill of hunting and fishing outside.

The group says being at the Expo brings good exposure.

“It’s huge,” says Mike Bersin, pro-staff for The Fallen Outdoors, Team Michigan and retired veteran. “To me, working with veterans, that’s what it’s all about. Meeting the community, we had a gentleman donate, today, his bear hunt basically for a disabled veteran.”