Local Schools Exchange Ink Cartridges For Money

Elementary students in Grand Traverse County are saving the earth one ink cartridge at a time.

They’re raising quite a bit of money for their schools in the process!

A local office supply store is partnering with the schools to get kids excited about recycling and helping their environment.

“For every ink cartridge that was brought in by the students we gave the school back one dollar,” Rebecca Yodzio, Owner of Northwood’s Office Express.

Northwood’s Office Express in Traverse City teamed up with Grand Traverse Academy Elementary and Kingsley Elementary to give back to the schools and the environment.

“It’s a great program that they came to us with were printer cartridges that are always being turned in for recycling were able to be turned in by families and students in order to raise some money for field trips and education materials,” Colin Smith, Grand Traverse Academy Elementary Principal.

Together, students at both schools were able to recycle more than 1,000 ink cartridges. That equals more than $1,000 for the schools.

“If we can start teaching the benefits of recycling, the less refuse is going to be out there and the better we can keep our natural resources,” says Yodzio.

Fourth grade Grand Traverse Academy Student, Nate Dix is one of the many students reaping the benefits.

“It’s kind of fun because were raising money for our school,” says Dix.

The families get to save money the schools get to save money and the environment doesn’t have to handle quite as much throw away chance being the cartridges are used 100% again,” says Yodzio.

The fundraiser has now ended but not for long.

Northwood’s says they’re hoping for more schools and students to reach out about the fundraiser.


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