CMU Students Plan ‘March For Our Lives’ Event Throughout Mount Pleasant, Hundreds Join

“It does take one person and then it spreads to others.”

An idea spreading across the nation is set to bring hundreds together for the same conversation.

It all started with a handful of students.

On Saturday, March 24, thousands across the country will take part in the “March for Our Lives” movement to raise awareness about gun control.

That idea prompted a Central Michigan University student from Lake City to do the same thing, gaining big support.

“It makes me feel good, knowing that people are actually wanting to pay attention to this,” says Hannah Edwards, a junior at CMU.

Edwards says to her and many others, gun reform is a big issue, especially right now.

The “March for Our Lives” event took shape moments after the deadly Parkland, Florida school shooting.

“We were all just getting very upset with what happened,” Edwards says. “We all just decided, well, if nobody else is going to do anything about it, we should at least stand up and say something.”

Hannah’s group decided to share the event on Facebook.

It started with her small group — then grew.

“Over 200 that have checked that they are actually going and there’s over 600 or 700 that said they were interested, and then there’s a lot of people on the actual March for Our Lives website that have also RSVP’d through there.”

“It’s huge,” says Dashay Withey, a CMU senior who plans on marching, too. “I think it was because we are also getting the community involved. It’s not just a CMU thing. It’s more so a national thing.”

While thousands march in D.C. next weekend, hundreds at CMU and across Mount Pleasant will start from Island Park.

Then, they will travel through the city, with open arms to all opinions.

“Gun control can mean so many different things to so many different people, so I think if we provide a space where everybody can come and we can talk in a peaceful, manner,” says Samuel Zeeroip, a sophomore at CMU and part of Hannah’s group. “We can hear both sides and actually be open to it.”

Taking action is their mission.

“Just knowing that people are willing to talk now and willing to not just give thoughts and prayers but to actually put forward effort, themselves,” Edwards says.

The march will begin after everyone gathers at 1 p.m. in Island Park on Saturday, March 24.

The event will end in the parking lot of Mount Pleasant City Hall, where there will be speakers.