What’s Trending Wednesday: The Great Paddy Debate

Saint Paddy’s day is just three days away.

And inevitably, there will be some spelling discrepancies out there on social media.

So for today’s What Trending Wednesday, we are getting to the bottom of patty versus paddy.

Oh yes, the “great paddy debate!”

This meme is going viral once again this year, with all the proud Irishmen and women out there hoping to educate their less-Irish friends.

When shortening “Saint Patrick’s Day” to “St. Paddy’s,” paddy is actually the correct way to spell it.

That’s because the man’s actual name was St. Padraig, in its true Irish Gaelic form.

Patty, on the other hand, is simply a nickname for “Patricia” or perhaps just part of your burger.

Let’s take a closer look here.

Paddy arrived in a boat, while patty arrived in a bun.

Paddy brought Christianity to the Irish, patty got some beef grease on a pamphlet.

Paddy made the shamrock a symbol of Ireland, Patty tried to make it a garnish.

Paddy was made a saint and is remembered on March 17th, while patty got eaten.

We hope this clears up the great paddy verse patty debate and you can now post about your festivities in a more educated fashion.

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