CMU Offers Extra Support Services to Students Following Deadly Shooting

Spring break is over and students are back on Central Michigan University’s campus following tragedy.

It’s the first day school is back in session following a deadly shooting on March 2.

That’s when police say 19-year-old James Davis Jr. killed his parents, James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis, in Campbell Hall that morning.

Davis Jr. took off after the shooting, which started a 15 hour manhunt.

Police tell us Davis Jr. used his father’s gun in the shooting.

He is now facing life in prison if convicted of two counts of murder.

Students tell us they feel safe being back on campus, but many are still grappling with the shooting.

“I’m still dealing with it. It’s scary after going to be two weeks now, just that you think nothing like this can ever happen,” said Samantha Dubay.

As students return, CMU is offering extra services.

“We have extended hours at the counseling center, we brought in additional counselors, we have really diversified the number of group, and we’re bringing in therapy dogs,” said Tony Voisin, associate vice president for student affairs.

CMU student Samantha Dubay says these are services she plans to use.

“When I have to walk to work in the morning, I am constantly turning my shoulder,” explained Samantha. “Dealing with this is more than I could ever deal with, knowing that I thought it could never happen. It’s good to talk about stuff.”

Some students felt spring break was counseling in itself.

“It was just so sudden and right before spring break, everyone was making plans and everything got delayed. But having a week off, everyone gets a chance to process it. I think it was really good,” said Joseph Gregory.

Students say they can feel a sense of community.

“As terrifying as thing like this are, going though terrifying experiences together always brings people together as a community and friends,” explained Tony McCrackin.

Voisin told us, “Really, it’s all about support. Everybody is going to be dealing with this differently. We’re hopefully going to be able to touch as many students as possible who need that extra support.”

If you’re looking for more details on CMU’s counseling services, click here.