Kalkaska County Woman Says Antrim County Shooting Suspect Was In Her Home

Two people are in the hospital Sunday after police say they were shot by a man following a break in in Antrim County.

It happened around 3:50 yesterday afternoon when Antrim County deputies received a call for a breaking and entering.

They responded to a home on South M-66 Highway in Chestonia Township near Green River Road.

There, they found the homeowner suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and walking nearby was a young boy who was also shot.

“We didn’t hear about that until the neighbors stopped by and knocked on our door and told us there was a possible double shooting,” said someone living near the victim’s home.

The homeowner was air lifted to Munson Medical Center.

And the boy was taken by ambulance, he is expected to survive.

Right now, the relationship between the victims and suspect is unknown.

“We saw cars being rerouted and turned at our corner intersection,” says a neighbor.

Deputies say the suspect fled to a home on Old Alba Highway where they found that home broken into with a snowmobile taken.

We spoke to a neighbor near the home. She didn’t want to be on camera, but she was concerned that she knew nothing about this.

“You come up to this area and you assume you’re safer and it was kind of scary that these things were being done and they were searching and we had no notification of anything,” said the neighbor.

Deputes tell us a State Police helicopter spotted the trail of the snowmobile and followed it to Kalkaska County.

Rosalie Ehl lives in Spencer on Elm Street, she says she got a knock on the door from a man she knew.

“He just said that there had been something that happened and that he wanted to talk to me. He came in and sat down and said there was a shooting and that it was all over Facebook that he was a suspect and he said I didn’t do it, I promise you,” says Ehl.

Police say they spotted the missing snowmobile behind a house in Kalkaska.

Rosalie says dozens of police cars then showed up to her home.

“He went upstairs and then the police came and said the owner of the house needs to come out and walk toward us and I came out and sat in the police car. I heard them on the bull horn and the police I talked to said he came out,” says Ehl.

Kalkaska County Deputies and Michigan State Police then took the suspect into custody without incident.

“My heart is broken, this is a kid that we knew and I feel bad he lied to us if he did this terrible thing,’ says Ehl.

The shooting is still under investigation and the suspect is in Antrim County jail.

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