Lack Of Snow Slows Wexford, Lake County Snowmobiling Season

This winter season didn’t bring the snow many snowmobilers were hoping for.

Snowmobile shops like Martin Powersports in Cadillac says the past three seasons have been hard on business because of the lack of snow.

Over in Lake County, bars like Barski in Baldwin agree.

They say 60 to 70 percent of their business comes from snowmobilers but, lately, that has dropped significantly to the point where they have to close earlier during the week.

Doug Martin, owner of Martin Powersports, says it has put a strain on his own staff.

“Hour-wise, we’re working 45 hours a week and it’s a struggle to fill that 45 hours,” Martin says. “When there’s a lot of work to be done, we’ll work 80 hours a week to keep everybody happy and moving on trails. It’s probably been the worst season that I’ve had out of all of them.”

Doug says he doesn’t predict snowmobiling to pick back up again this year — people are now getting their boats ready for summer.