High School Drama Clubs Benefits Local Charity

 A murder mystery is taking center stage in Otsego County and it’s all for a good cause.

The audience will play a key role in solving the “mock crime.”

The Gaylord high school drama club is brings a famous mystery novel to the stage.

Every year they donate money from ticket sales to a non-profit.

This year they’re helping habitat for humanity.

“When you combine a murder mystery with the extreme talent with a group of young people it’s just a win win situation all around,” Laura Hotelling, Director.

“There are exciting twists and turns. They’re of family and friendship and everybody coming together to not only solve a mystery but just develop a connection that otherwise they may not have made,” says Hotelling.

To insure a good turnout the club has been hard at work.

“We’ve been working on this for about three months now and we’ve been putting a lot of time into this,” Geoffrey Schwiesow, Drama Club President.

These young actors and actresses are using their talents for good.

“It’s kind of a tradition of ours to partner every show that we do with a charity and with this one the connection of housing and bringing people together with housing we decided to partner with habitat,” Hotelling said.

Grace Farina, lead in the play, knows the importance of this charity.

“They provide a lot of good things for people in need and that’s really important to the drama club,” Farina says.

The show opens tonight at 7 and runs through Sunday at Gaylord High School.

You can buy tickets at the door and charity box will be available for direct donations to Habitat for Humanity.


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