From Recyclables to Gardening, Elementary School Beautifies Their School


Rapid City Elementary School in Kalkaska County is sprucing up their environment and their community gardens.

An idea sprouting from the simple concept of recycling.

“All proceeds from the can drive go to the beautification of school yards and even like creating new spaces out in our property,” Brett Bontrager, Seeds After School Leader.

The school is hosting a fundraiser collecting recyclable bottles and cans from parents and community members.

“When the cans are returned and that whole process is done we start setting up their projects and sometimes in the afternoon we get out to the garden and do things on the front,” Bontrager says.

This year they’re aiming to get a large native species garden, advancing their seeds program.

Giving more students the opportunity to get their hands dirty by planting and watering their school gardens.

“The garden is a nice peaceful place to be and were growing some healthy food and it’s nice to have money to help us get healthier food for everybody,” Alex Bontrager, fourth grade student.

Students like Alex do their part to take care of the plants while also learning important lessons like responsibility and other life skills.

“It’s fun because we get to dig and rake and all that and we get to spend time outside,” Bradyn Booy, fifth grade student.

From recycling bottles and cans to growing plants, helping the school earn money while helping the environment.

“It will help us build the garden much bigger with more food and healthier products for people,” Kaylynn Liverance, fifth grade student.

If you’re interested in donating cans and bottles can be dropped off at Rapid City Elementary School at the front or back doors.



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