President Trump Imposes Tariffs on Imported Steel, Aluminum

The president made good on his promise to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum Thursday, despite warnings from his own party not to.

The 25 percent tariff on foreign steel and 10 percent on aluminum was announced last week, all in an effort to make U.S. manufacturers more competitive.

Some companies have said they’ll be able to add hundreds of jobs with the promise.

But Wednesday, more than 100 House Republicans sent the president a letter asking him to reconsider the tariffs, saying they’ll actually make U.S. businesses less competitive and hurt consumers.

The president says it’s all about leveling the playing field with other countries, but even Republicans say this could lead to trade retaliation from other nations.

The tariff plan now includes an exclusion for some, with a plan for other countries, based on national security, to discuss the tariff’s impact with the president.