Norte’s Bike Library Providing Transportation To Traverse City

“I came here and got a new bike,” said Lydia Sams, in second grade a Traverse Heights.

People in the community drop off gently used bikes, they’re fixed up right here in the Norte clubhouse. And then whoever’s looking for a new bike….is off.

“If it’s nice day we do it,” she said. “It’s fun and sometimes when it’s hot it feels good to ride with the breeze.”

About 90 other people are riding in the breeze on Norte bikes around town too all stamped with this Norte sticker.

“Cuz it’s good except is and you can go different places if my mom doesn’t bring us somewhere and that’s all,” she said.

Once you check the bike out, you can use it for as long as you’d like.

When you grow out of it, you’re able to come to the library and swap it out for a new one.

“The other one the last time I had it I was really small and now it’s bigger and better,” Lydia said.

Coming back to the library, they saw something familiar hanging on the wall.

“It’s incredible as a matter of fact when we walked in Lydia’s old bike sheer ready to go for someone else to borrow and then when they grow they get a bigger bike,” said her mom, Sally Soffredine.

While she takes the bigger bike out for a spin…mom gets to relax.

“For me it’s an opportunity to say go around the block,” she said.

It’s all made possible by Evan.

He’s in eighth grade and volunteers once per week to tune the bikes at the library.

A seasoned biker — spinning the chains so others have a chance to get spin the wheels for their first time.

The club house is open from 9 until 6.



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