Michigan Receives Low Grades on Infrastructure Report Card

Michigan’s infrastructure report card is in, and the state did not get a very high grade.

The Michigan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers graded the state’s overall infrastructure at a D+.

Some of the lowest marks went to schools, roads and drinking water systems.

Take a drive in Michigan and it won’t take you long to see why our state got a D+ on its most recent infrastructure report card.

“We knew the report card wasn’t going to be good. It’s been a challenge, infrastructure in Michigan has been a challenge, for more than a decade now. I think it’s a question of are we spending enough money and are we dealing with it fast enough,” said Senator Wayne Schmidt.

Some of the grades broke down like this, aviation got a C, bridges a C -, roads a D – and drinking water systems a D.

“We’ve really got to make infrastructure a priority. It’s just good pro economic strategy to do that when you when people have the ability to move around. It’s not just hurting your tire, but its jobs that can be created from this, it’s good for business,” said Representative Christine Greig.

This report comes as the Michigan legislature voted to boost infrastructure funding by 175 million dollars.

“I think one of the nice things is that we’re dealing with it. It might not be as much as some of us would like, or go as far as others would like, but at least we’re facing up to the problem,” said Schmidt.

“For seven years we’ve been talking about it, the governor’s been talking about it, and nothing or very little has been done. And with the current level of funding now, things are actually going to get worse,” said Greig.

People who drive on the roads, just hope something gets done quickly.

“I’d have to say a D, definitely a D there’s room for improvement,” said Greg Skiver when we asked him to grade Michigan’s infrastructure.

To view the full report, click here.

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