Clare Co. Couple Accused of Causing Fire With Marijuana Oil, Butane At Harrison Motel

The Clare County Sheriff says a small explosion and fire at a Harrison motel was caused by a couple burning marijuana oils.

Deputies and the Harrison Fire Department responded to the fire around 10 Thursday morning.

When they arrived to the Deer Trail Motel in Harrison, they found a small fire that was put out quickly with minimum damage.

The fire chief says the fire broke out in room number three.

The couple inside was gone before they even got there.

“I looked out and I saw a couple fire trucks, a couple police cars, people scrambling around,” says Robert Flowers, owner of Bob’s Party Store.

An alarming scene for those with businesses near the Deer Trail Motel.

A neighbor of room three, called 911.

“Deputies arrived and found that someone had been attempting to cook marijuana oil with butane and the canister had erupted. That type of setting where there is residents close by, it could harm other people and then to leave the facility with there still being some fire, and not calling 911,” says Lt. Edward Williams, Clare County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found the suspects, a man and woman at the hospital.

The woman was treated for burns and the man was arrested on a warrant not related to the incident.

“Different people were shook up, they were beyond themselves, and I heard it all day long. There’s a lot of families that live over there and one person could jeopardize all of these other people’s life,” says Flowers.

But this isn’t the only incident this motel has had.

“I mean the motel has had problems in the past, it’s not unusual to see the police over there on daily basis,” says Flowers.

Back in 2014, we reported on a meth explosion in room eight.

Thursday, the motel declined to speak with us.

“I mean there is good people in this town, all over. I was born here, we have a good police crew, but people make poor choices,” says Flowers.

Right now the prosecutor is looking at the report to determine if anyone will face any charges.