Budgeting Apps: Which Ones to Try

Want to save, but not great at keeping a budget?

Gone are the days of stuffing money in coffee tins and under mattresses.

Adam Garvey, of Rehmann, is a financial planner who knows of a few simple apps that can help people easily keep track their finances.

“When people are looking to save money and you think about a good financial plan, it all starts with a good foundation—and part of that is budgeting,” Garvey says.


  • YNAB –-an acronym meaning “Why you need a budget.”

Garvey says YNAB is meant to help people get out of debt by helping them manage their money, prioritize and stick to a plan.

  • Good Budget

This app allows you to create visual “envelopes” courtesy of the Dave Ramsey philosophy. Garvey says it’s similar to YNAB by setting goals and helping keep people accountable.

  • Mint

This is a “broader app” Garvey says. It helps with budgeting, but it also tracks your investments.

  • Bloomberg

An investment tracker that also helps with research. It provides access to financial news, global business and market data.

“Find something that works for you and stick to it,” Garvey says.

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