Video Challenge: Kids Reading Their Favorite book

March is Reading Month, and a good book opens doors to all kinds of new worlds. 

This month on the four, we’re talking to some young readers about their favorite books.

Jack, our Executive Producer Jamie’s son, tells us about one of his favorite series.

“Hi, my name is Jack, I’m in third grade and I’m going to be reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

“(Reading) My parents always say the world doesn’t revolve around me, but sometimes I wonder if it actually does. When I was little, I saw this movie about a man’s life who was being secretly filmed. Hope you creeps are enjoying yourselves.

“Why do I like it? It has a bunch of comics and it’s easy to read,” Jack says.

Michelle Dunaway’s 9 year old, Elle, Loves Harry Potter.

“It’s Harry Potter because I love adventuring and in the books, they’re always doing an adventure,” she says. “If you’re adventurous, Harry Potter is a long book, so it will keep you busy, too.”

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